Albany Creek mechanic available near you

Albany Creek MechanicAlbany Creek Mechanic workshops as far as the eye can see can really make choosing the right one hard. All of them will tell you they’re the best. They’ll try to convince you that they have all the expertise required for your car services. What they don’t tell you is that Precision Automotive not only works on family, mom ‘n’ pop cars, but they are the High-Performance and Commercial vehicle specialists.

With over 100,000 hours logged working on every type of car, the Precision Automotive team really are the best.  Precision Automotive have worked on delivery fleet vehicles (ie. Ausport, DHL) as well as high performance and racing vehicles. All in the same workshop your car is worked on. So who truly can boast about being the Best Albany Creek Mechanic available, but Precision Automotive.

General Servicing

The general servicing offered at Precision Automotive is second to none. They suggest that you bring your vehicle in every  6month or 10,000kms. Not to get money off you but to really maintain the work they have previously done. This team actually cares about you and your family. Making your vehicle safe is their number 1 priority. So if it’s ain’t broke, they are going to charge you to fix it. They know that the best customer is a happy customer.

Precision Automotive offers Basic and Full mechanical services with their team of experts checking over every part of the vehicle to make sure you are driving safely. Every mechanic employed by Precision Automotive is hired on the fact that they have a keen eye. This keen eye can spot a problem or issue before it even starts, saving your time, money and heartache down the line. If they think an issue can wait for 20,000km, they’ll itemise it and then get you on your way. That’s the service you can expect from Precision Automotive.

Getting back on the road is yours and Precision Automotive’s goal for your car. Contact Precision Automotive to get your vehicle fixed and back to its former glory.