The People’s Bald Hills Mechanic Workshop

Bald Hills MechanicFrom Mini Coopers and Suzuki Swifts to Toyota Coaster Buses and Mack trucks, Precision Automotive can fix them all. A lot of other mechanics confuse their customers with mechanical ‘jargon’ and weird names of parts. With the Precision Automotive Group, you will see why so many people have switched over to them. They not only work on privately owned vehicles, they also work with companies and commercial fleets as well as race cars. They have the best Bald Hills mechanic workshop experience available in North Brisbane.

What Is Different About Precision Automotive?

Precision Automotive is there to serve their customer and the customer’s needs. They aren’t out to make a profit on the non-mechanically minded. They say what they are going to do and do it. The first time, every time. This team makes sure that the car is safe to drive and will be for some time. They also make a list of all the things they find along the way. This is then itemised into a list with a timeframe to fix as well as how much for. Precision Automotive will never quote you or overcharge for things that were not necessary. They are good honest, hardworking people that know what it’s like to run 2 cars and a household.

All About the Precisions Automotive Team

Precision Automotive was established over 25 years ago with the one goal of bringing affordable mechanical repairs to the masses. They have stayed in this business for that amount of time because they treat every customer with respect. Their services include a thorough look at your vehicle even if you are only in for a basic service or wheel alignment. They will identify the issues they see, list them in a timely and affordable list and send you on your way safe and with a working vehicle.

For more information or to book in your vehicle, contact Precision Automotive today. Drive and feel safe with your car made safe by the best.