Carseldine Mechanic

Chermside Mechanic Carseldine MechanicThere are mechanics and then there is the service at Precision Automotive. They offer you the best customer service from a Carseldine mechanic who treats your car like their own; with pride and care. They are the Carseldine mechanic that can provide any service or repair that your vehicle needs. They have become known as the most trusted workshop in the North Brisbane area. Their reputation proceeds them, with outstanding customer service which has set them apart. They always fit you in as soon as possible to get you back on the road to whatever life has in store for you next. This team of mechanics are qualified and at your disposal when you need to get your car back on the road. No long waits or days off. Just good service is what you will find at Precision Automotive.

Specials Offers

One of the things that sets Precision Automotive apart is their new customer offer. If you need a mechanic and are new to Precision Automotive, this is some great news. They have a choice of a free gift on offer for you. You will have a choice of a Standard Wiper Refills, FREE Headlight Alignment, FREE Wheel Balance or FREE Battery Load Test. What other mechanics offer you something for free? None but the best, Precision Automotive.

General Servicing

Precision Automotive offers the best Basic and Full mechanical service available anywhere in North Brisbane. Where ever you need to get, it’s Precision Automotive’s mission to get you back behind the wheel ASAP. They not only tighten bolts, check connections and top up fluids, They itemise the non-urgent repairs on a list for you to decide to get the repairs in the future. This is just another great service that Precision Automotive provides to their new and loyal customers.

Contact Precision Automotive to get your vehicle fixed and back to its former glory.