The Leading Mechanic You Can Trust

MechanicHundreds of hours of manufacturing, shipping and driving a vehicle. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the road means wear and tear on the body and engine as well as everything else. It only takes a few hours to make sure your vehicle is running efficiently, why wouldn’t you take that time? They are the mechanic’s mechanic.

About Precision Automotive

Precision Automotive are amazing at what they do and what they do is service elite vehicles, racing cars and mum and dad vehicles as well. They take the time with each of these vehicles as if they were their own. They know what can go wrong with a vehicle and know the signs of a big problem before it even starts.

Precision Automotive offers more than just good customer service, they deliver customer satisfaction on top of vehicle safety. When you get your key back from the Precision Automotive team, you know that you are going to be on the safest set of tyres that your vehicle could be on.

Precision Automotive is known for their attention to detail and has become North Brisbane’s most trusted vehicle workshop. Even though they are constantly busy with both professional fleets and high-performance vehicles, they will fit your car in and treat with the respect they show to the rest of the cars they work on. No “ifs”, “Buts” or “Maybes” with the elite team at Precision Automotive.

Precision Automotive want you on the road as soon as possible. Their qualified mechanic team knows just what to do to make that happen. The grind of life shouldn’t stop you from have the safest possible car to drive. If you have a business with a fleet of vehicles, Precision can get them working right too. Whatever the mechanical need, Precision Automotive has you covered.

Contact Precision Automotive to get your vehicle fixed and back to its former glory.