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Frank & his team from Precision Automotive has been servicing all 14 of my vehicles for 12 ½ years. What I like about Precision Automotive is that they do the repair or service properly. I cannot think of a time when I have had to take a vehicle back for the same repair.
Frank is extremely honest and always happy to offer advice that can save you money. An example of this was that I wanted to buy 6 of a certain make and model dual cab ute. Frank advised against my choice and suggested Toyota, even though it was a bit dearer initially, it would be cheaper in the long run, with servicing costs & repairs. I disagreed and bought the 6 vehicles I originally intended. What a mistake, sorry Frank, I should have listened.
Now I have updated my fleet to Toyota & Hyundai’s which Frank assisted me with no problems & definitely cheaper to run!

Mark Beattie
Managing Director
Ecolife Solutions


I just wanted to say thanks again for all your excellent work Frank. I greatly appreciate the effort and dedication you have put toward solving the challenging and intermittent problem that I was experiencing with my vehicle. You communicated with me very clearly and honestly and helped me understand exactly what was wrong, and what needed to be done in order for it to be fixed. I will continue to recommend you and your team to all my friends and family. On top of everything else, you performed the work swiftly and cost effectively.

Thanks, I really do appreciate your efforts. Thanks Frank ~ Alex [Email]


Some of the nicest people you will meet. Frank and team are honest, reliable and very experienced. I have no hesitation in recommending them for all vehicle makes and models. My family and I are delighted customers. ~ Dee May



Precision Automotive is a laid back, yet professional work shop that provides quality services, at affordable prices. You can’t beat that! ~ Candice Frey [Facebook]


Awesome personalized service! ~ Michelle McKensie [Facebook]


Hi Frank,

Have driven the Prado several times recently, under varied conditions, and all seems OK.

The transmission seems “firmer” and the engine revs when it changes down from 5th to 4th  appear much smoother.

Everything else also OK ~ Barry Huth [Email]